Leo Cormier Tile Design & Installation
Master Craftsmanship from Maine

Leo Cormier, Master Tile Designer Instraller Contractor

Thirty Years of Tile Design & Tile Installation

I am a tile installer and tile designer from central Maine with 30 years of experience. My passion is tile craftsmanship. I do both standard and custom tile jobs throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and New England. I work in all types of tile: ceramic, natural stone, granite, marble, glass, and metal. I invite you to consider me for your next tile project.

My decades of full-time work in both the design and installation of tile allows me to provide exceptional craftsmanship at the greatest cost savings. How? I provide insight from direct experience in all aspects of this unique craft tradition.  

I create beautifully finished work that lasts a lifetime. Although my portfolio features mostly custom work, I do basic tile jobs as well.  Most clients are surprised by how affordable I am. 

"Warm, friendly, and personable, this tile craftsman has won the raves and affection of his clients for unmatched customer service and for quality that exceeds expectations."

This quote came from a client in 2008 and sums up what I am all about. And luckily, I have a network of very talented people that I can rely on to make successful tile projects happen smoothly and on time. Collaboration often produces the best outcomes in tile design. Tile design is a subtle art, and it's a good idea to get a variety of input. 

I happily consult with architects, interior designers, and residential home owners across Maine and New England. If you are an architect or designer and have a tile installation or restoration in mind, I can offer insight born of long experience in the trade. I can suggest places where you can find great deals on materials as well as expert color and design advice. There are great people working in this industry and are ready to collaborate to make your vision a timeless work of beauty.

If you have any type of tile installation in mind, please contact me for a quote. and a list of references.

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to my wonderful clients, to all the talented designers and tile suppliers who have supported me, and to my pal at Doodle Doug Design for his help with this web site. Thank you for the opportunity to work in this extraordinary craft for thirty years.

Leo Cormier

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